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What We Seal:

Our sealers, can seal a WIDE range of plastics, composite materials, autoclaving materials and eco-friendly plastic alternatives.


We can seal with a temperature range  to a Max of 350°C. (Dependant on Control Technology and sealer spec).

Seal Length:

Our seal length ranges from Min: 50mm to Max: 3000mm. (Lower or Higher seal lengths are achievable, contact us for a consultation).


We are yet to come across a material that we can't seal. 

Who We Seal For:

Our Heat Sealers are used across a large variety of industries:

  • Medical.

  • Pharmaceutical.

  • Chemical.

  • Containment.

  • Petrochemical.

  • Nuclear.

  • Military.

  • Automotive.

  • Electronics.

  • Food & Drink.

  • Conservation.

  • Clothing.

  • Pet Supplies.

  • Cosmetics.

  • Solid Fuel.

  • Quarrying.

  • Farming.

  • Aggregates.

  • Builder Merchants.

  • Construction.

  • Government.

  • Furnishings.

  • Transport

  • Warehousing.

How We Seal:

We seal all materials using our own control technology with a built in algorithms to get a perfect, consistent seal every cycle. We have 4 different control systems available.

  • MK VI

  • MK VI C

  • Star ARTICS

  • ARTICS Medical.

Click the link below to get a detailed description and specification of each control system.

Control Systems.

Some Of

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" I cannot recommend Star Universal highly enough. They were great at understanding our needs and identifying the best heat-sealing solution for our product. They are our first point of contact when we engage in any new projects that require heat-sealing equipment".

Michael O’Brien

Director of Business Development

AQF Medical

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