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Outside Star Universal, overlooking the Marina


Before Star Universal (Gosport) Ltd, we operated as Star Electronics (Gosport) Ltd from 1969-1979.

Star Universal have been designing and manufacturing heat sealing machines since 1979. The company has a well deserved reputation for technical innovation which has ensured that Star Universal Bag Sealers have remained the preferred choice for blue-chip companies, across the world. The heat sealers are manufactured at Star Universal's facility in Gosport, on the south coast of the United Kingdom. A focus on quality combined with fifty years experience of manufacturing heavy duty industrial equipment means that Star Universal sealers are rugged and built to last.

Meet The Team

Mark Robinson

Managing Director, Started in 2004.

Adrian Allen

Director, Started in 1988.

Robert Earle

Director, started in 2006.

Carl Lynas

Manager, Started in 1989.

Dean Allen

Service Engineer, Started in 2001.

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