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HM Sealers

Star Universal heat sealing machines HM sealer

HM3000 - Best Seller

  • A general purpose heavy duty Heat Sealer machine, with many applications.

  • Used extensively by hospitals, laboratories, retailers, engineering & many other industries.

  • This CD model has a  Dual Electronic Timer, for complete control of the heating & cooling cycle. Including a useful  Manual Safety Cutter (to facilitate bag production from lay flat tubing).

Star universal heat sealing machines star hm 1000 p

HM1000P - Best Seller

  • This Portable* Heat Sealer is designed for repetitive seals on large, heavy or irregularly shaped packages - polythene bags, sheeting, pallet covers, etc.
    Whilst providing maximum flexibility of operation.

  • A Dual Electronic Timer for complete control of heating & cooling cycle, so that the settings can be fine-tuned to the material being used.

  • Robust cast Aluminium jaws with lever action for reduced manual effort.
    Used for export packaging, protective storage & vacuum packing of humidity, sensitive equipment.
    With a wide range of industrial, warehousing & general packaging applications.

Contact us with any queries you have, we can customise our sealers to suit your needs.

The Star HM range are bag sealers designed for lighter gauges of materials. The impulse sealers are capable of sealing up to 250 µm (1000g). There is also a constant heat machine for laminates and complex materials.

To see our full range, follow the link below.

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