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Silicone Rubbers

Silicone Rubbers

PriceFrom £10.26
1 Meter

Silicone rubbers, Silicone sponge and Self Adhesive Neoprene Sponge 

Thermal and Electrical Insulator for the Element Ribbon to Produce a Quality Seal.

  • Size Specifics

    Specific Sizes for each Silicone Rubbers. (please select in the dropdown menu)

    • 9.5mm x 4mm (Silicone rubber)
    • 12.5mm x 4mm (Silicone rubber)
    • 16mm x 4mm (Silicone rubber)
    • 25mm x 4mm (Silicone rubber)
    • 9.5mm x 6.3mm (Silicone Sponge)
    • 12.5mm x 6.3mm (Silicone Sponge)
    • 16mm x 6.3mm (Silicone Sponge)
    • 25mm x 6.3 (Silicone Sponge)
    • 12mm x 5mm (Neoprene Sponge)
    • 12mm x 8mm (Neoprene Sponge)
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