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Customised and special heat sealing machines are produced by Star Universal using their comprehensive in-house design and manufacturing facilities. See the gallery showing a range of our customised solutions below.

With fifty years experience of producing heat sealers, a Star Universal customised machine is a low risk and cost-effective solution to your bag sealing or bag making problem.

Heat sealing machinery can be produced in a range of formats, whether a modification on one of our standard bag sealers or sack sealers, or a completely bespoke machine. Our heat sealers are available in virtually any configuration for any application.

A range of control options are available including the cost effective MkVI C temperature controller and the high-specification Medical/ARTICS controls. This allows us to seal any material from basic plastics like polythene, PVC and Nylon to Polyurethane (PU) coated medical mattresses, roller blinds and high specification autoclaving materials.

For more information contact us or call +44 (0)2392 582857 to speak to one of our engineers. We look forward to be working with you.
  Custom Heat Sealers from Star  

Impulse C Frame Heat Sealer   Constant Heat Spout Sealer   Constant Heat C Frame Sealer
C Frame Heat Sealer For Sealing Inside Isolation Tents
Spout Sealer to Seal Valve into Stand Up Pouch
Sterile Pouch Heat Sealer
Star impulse C frame heat sealer for sealing inside valve bags to remove any corners where powders can be trapped   Star constant heat platen sealer with sliding tray and valve locator to seal a spout into a stand up pouch   Star constant heat C frame medical heat sealer for sealing suture kits into sterile foil pouches.
Pallet Bag Making Gantry Heat Sealer   Medical Sealer for Rigid Bag Handles   Star 121 Bagging System
Gantry Heat Sealer
Medical Sealer for Bag Handles
Star 121 Double Heat Sealers
Star Gantry Sealer with roll holder and measuring system for making pallet bags of random lengths   Star Medical Sealer with special jig for holding 'click closed' moulded handles in place whilst they are sealed into flexible plastic bags   Two Star 121 bag sealers mounted on a bench with twin polythene tubing holders for bagging different length products
Star 66 Tube Sealer   Star Gantry Mattress Sealer   Star 91 Louver Blind Sealer
Star 66 tube sealer
Gantry Mattress Sealer
Louver Blind Heat Sealer
Star 66 with customised jaws and bench top stand to seal tubes of cosmetic products   Star Gantry sealer for sealing mattresses in bags. The mattress is passed between the sealing jaws into the bag which is then sealed   Star 91 with custom jigs behind the sealing jaw to hold louver blind hangers and weights in place for sealing
Star Bag Maker   Star 96 Press Packer   Star 66 Paper Glue Sack Sealer
Bag maker inpulse sealer
Star 91 heat sealer with Pneumatic Press
Star 61 Constant Heat Sealer
Star bag maker for making custom length bags from polythene tubing automatically   Star 96 with pneumatic press to expel excess air from the bag before sealing   Star 66 constant heat with cooling station and roller conveyor for hot melt glue paper bags.
Star 121 Barrel Sealer   Star Auto Sealer   Star 56 Collar Sealer
Barrel heat sealer
Automatic bag sealer
Collar heat sealing machine
Star 121 mounted on its side on a stand designed to be wheeled over large barrels with bags inside   Automatic sealer that senses when a bag is on the roller conveyor, seals the bag and ejects the sealed pack   Star 56 power pack with special sealing head to seal polythene tubing onto a pre formed collar
  For more information about our customised solutions, call us now on +44 (0)2392 582857.