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Star Universal manufactures heavy duty bag sealers, vacuum sealers and special purpose heat sealers for industrial clients across the world.

Our extensive range of industrial heat sealers, sack sealers and vacuum sealers offers flexibility and reliability whether you are sealing polyethylene bags, medical pouches, laminate vacuum pouches, foil bags, multi wall paper sacks and even non-woven materials. Our in-house production facilities ensure the highest of standards and the assured quality of a leading manufacturer of impulse heat sealers.

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Star Universal have been designing and manufacturing industrial heat sealers for over forty years. We have significant experience of producing custom and special purpose heat sealing machinery meeting the requirements of our clients across a wide range of industries. Whether you need a modification to one of our standard bag sealers or something more unusual, our engineers will work with you to produce a solution based on Star's proven heat sealing technology.

Quality and consistency of seal are the hallmarks of Star Universal bag sealing machines. Heat compensation technology helps every seal to be the same high standard, even during repeated cycling of the heat sealer. Our revolutionary MkVI C, Medical and ARTICS controllers have a heat sensor embedded into the sealing jaws giving unprecedented control of sealing temperature.  We also offer a fully validatable Medical sealer which has been approved by the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Star Universal industrial bag sealers, sack sealers and vacuum sealers have a well-deserved reputation for longevity and reliability. We offer full spares and service support for our full range of bag sealing machines, direct from our factory. We can also provide spares and service for other makes of bag sealer. For more information about our heat sealers, call us now on +44 (0)2392 582857.
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